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01. Workshops with children.

Intervention with minors in participating schools and participating museums / universities during the three courses.

02. Workshops with families.
03. To work with teachers
04. Activities with entities

Non-formal education experts will disseminate the project and the joint methodology developed in their local, regional, national and / or international training meetings.

05. Doors open days.

Each school carries out each school year an open day, a Creating Bridges show, an exhibition or a collective mural to disseminate the contents worked (through theater, dance and visual and visual arts).

06. Documentaries

Preparation and editing of documentaries in which the experiences lived in museums and schools are collected, and disseminated through social networks.

07. Evaluation Reports

Preparation of a project evaluation report, which measures the impact it has had. We do not want the project to entertain but to transform.

08. Teaching documents

Preparation of a didactic document (didactic units complemented with images of the theoretical and practical workshops) of keys and successful educational actions.

09. Creation and dissemination

The project includes the creation of an open access web page for the dissemination and dissemination of all actions. Upon completion of the project we will have created a networking methodology between schools and museums, which we will export in a first phase to other municipalities in the 5 participating countries and in a second phase to municipalities in other European countries.